Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eagar Stake Trek June 4-7 2010

June 4 - 7 Erick and I got the opportunity to go on our stakes trek. It was the neatest thing, we had the best kids and had the best time. I can't believe how strong our youth are they really are a royal army that can withstand anything. Our family was Cass Pond, Melissa Hamblin, Holly Burnham, Julie Reece, Abbie Lucio, Kariah Finch, Kylie Udall, Amy Cluff Duskin Donaldson, Rex Hamblin, Ty Blank, Tyler Hudson, Colten Merrill, Colten Wilson. We were the Choose the Wright Family. I hope we get the chance to go again!

Chandlers Baptism 5-21-2010

Chandler turned 8 on May 8th. He was Baptised by his Dad on May 21st 2010. Kassidy was also baptised on that same date 5 years ago! After the Baptism we had a family dinner. It was a really special day for Chandler. I think he had a really great time because all he did was giggle while Erick was trying to Baptize him. Thanks to all the family and friends that came to the special occasion!

Kassidy's 13 Birthday 5-19-2010

Kassidy turned 13 on May 19th, she is officially a teenager now. She got a makup bag and some clothes! Erick and I took her out to eat at Booga Reds she really enjoyed going out with just mom and dad. Happy Birthday Sweet 13!

Pitcher Parker 5-11-2010

This is Parker doing what he loves! He got chosen to be one of the 4 pitchers for his little league baseball team. It was like a dream come true for him. He pitches really well and we are excited that he got the experience.

Math Homework

Kassidy's and Erick's favorite thing to do after school - Math Homework. It's a good thing Erick remembers how it works because mom doesn't. Kassidy is a smart girl and has gotten really good grades. She is planning on doing the navit program her Junior and Senior year and becoming a nurse! Proud of you Kassidy!!

Pinewood Derby

This is Parker and his best friend Larry at their pinewood Derby. They had a fun time. Parker won best Design - Goooo parker.

4th Grade Science project

For Parkers 4th grade science project he made a pizza box solar oven. It was so fun that all the kids had to make one and try it out. We tried to bake chocolate chip cookies in it. I think it would have worked if the weather would have cooperated with us. You can't cook in a solar oven with cloudy weather. So on to the next Science Fair.
I haven't blogged for a long time so sorry if you get board, but I am trying to catch up.

Ballerina Kassidy

Kassidy had her dance recital April 16th. She loves Ballet! She had such a great time. She was such a beautiful ballerina. Genuine Dance performs for two nights the first night I watched it with Erick and the kids. The second night I helped back stage, that was so much fun too, what chaos. What a fun memory!